SIPAA Performing Arts Nonprofit


The Southwest Idaho Performing Arts Assn. (SIPAA) is IRS approved for tax-deductible donations as a 501c3 nonprofit.

SIPAA’s purpose is to assist qualified people wanting to become successful performing artists (actors, musicians, jugglers, comedians, storytellers, magicians, etc.). While Southwest Idaho is blessed with major support for the major performing arts and organizations (Opera, Ballet, Symphony, etc.), there is virtually no support for people trying to enter, grow and become successful in the performing arts.

There are currently not enough people entering the performing arts to continue to meet the need in this rapidly growing area of Idaho. There is virtually no assistance for them to get training, experience, and support to achieve their goals, so SIPAA was created to try to meet these needs.

SIPAA needs relatively small amounts of funding to achieve significant assistance in getting more people to enter the performing arts, and to get the training, experience and support they need.. There are no paid staff at SIPAA.

Volunteers go out to schools to tell young people about the need for performers and attendees in performing arts, the great experiences of people who pursue success in the performing arts, and the assistance available to those who chose to pursue them.

Volunteers train newcomers in many fields of the performing arts, and direct them in seeking and gaining experience in their chosen fields,

Volunteers do many of the non-performance jobs, such as administration, marketing, stage crafts, ushering, ticket sales, ticket taking, etc.

Assistance to trainees and performers can be virtually cost-free such as keeping people advised of opportunities, helping them get to auditions or rehearsals, picking them up after shows, etc. It can be minimal such as providing a few dollars for materials to promote the performing arts in going out to schools, or giving people gas money to go to perform, and buying items for costumes or appropriate clothing from a thrift store for a performer.

Some assistance can be somewhat expensive, such as funding the purchase of rights to perform a certain play for a promising local theatre group or school production. Or very expensive such as funding research on how to best help mentally challenged people who can’t cope well in society with drama therapy, or actually providing psychological treatment using drama therapy to help those people to become contributing members of society.

So SIPAA provides something for those who want to assist others in performing arts in volunteering, or contributing things like furniture for sets or instruments for musicians, or donating funds to help in ways that the SIPAA staff and volunteers determine will best help performing arts in SW ID.

Donations of cash can be made by check to SIPAA, 5639 N. Star Ridge Way, Star, Idaho 83669; or by getting and using the Coin Up App on your iPhone (Android and web apps coming soon) to register your debit or credit card to round up the remaining amount on each purchase to an amount per month that you. the cardholder sets, to donate to your or their favorite charity (go to

Thank you for learning more about SIPAA and the opportunities to assist the Performing Arts in Southwest Idaho. For more information contact me by email or by phone on 208-991-6793. Cheers, Donn R. Wilson, Founder and Executive Director.