Who controls SIPAA?

SIPAA is controlled by a Board of Management. The Executive Director, who runs SIPAA, is on the Board. And it is controlled by an Operating Agreement (the ‘Articles' under Idaho law), as enforced by the Idaho Secretary of State. It contains what’s allowed and not in a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, by the Idaho laws,” and the ‘Articles’ all Board Members have signed and must abide by under the laws of the US IRS, Idaho, and the ‘Articles’.


Why is it important to support a charity that supports entertainment?

Entertainment is one of the tools for quality of life. Not as important as food, water, abode, and healthcare, but in the US the majority of the population has those. But other things offset them, such as stress, hard work, challenges, traffic, etc., and reduce the quality of life. Entertainment, for providers and receivers, gives us balance in our lives. Much entertainment today, is as stressful as traffic, etc. Live entertainment, far offsets lighted screens of games, social media, poor and bad content, etc., cause as least as much stress as they relieve.


What Committees are available for Volunteers to join?

  • Volunteers Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Performances Committee
  • Administrative Committee

Contact Donn R. Wilson, Founder & Executive Director for more information on Volunteer’s Committee Memberships.


Why should I support SIPAA in particular?

SIPAA works to help the lower tier of people in and trying to get into the performing arts. This is where we can make a difference to people looking to bring balance to their lives, and therefore give it to others.