SIPAA was formed because not enough is being done in Southwest Idaho to assist people with potential performing arts talents to get help to learn and develop to have a good chance to become successfully active in the endeavor. SIPAA wants to fill that void, but needs many people to help by donating their time, and/or things to meet that need.

SIPAA needs volunteers to help it do many things, and donors of money and items to provide the needs and things that can’t be gotten any other way. All volunteers can be used at a variety of dates, times and places. Donations of money and a wide variety of items can be used directly as costumes, props, sets, décor, etc. What can’t be actually used can be sold to raise always needed money, and donations of money can be used in any amount, and all amounts are deeply appreciated.

Money donated can be accepted in cash, check, and debit or credit cards. Receipts will be provided for all donations, and all donations are deductible on US tax returns. Volunteers will be provided receipts for time worked and expenses incurred. We are currently in need of volunteers for SIPAA itself, and have some performing arts organizations in need of volunteers too.

Why Now?

SIPAA is now just starting up and needs almost everything. SIPAA is now about to hold its first fundraising event, and needs contributions to be used in live and silent auctions, and in at least one raffle it has at that event.

SIPAA is now a Member of the Society of Nonprofits and the Idaho Nonprofit Center.

What Committees are available for Volunteers to join?

  • Volunteers Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Performances Committee
  • Administrative Committee

Contact Donn R. Wilson, Founder & Executive Director for more information on Committee Memberships.