SIPAA Vision

To have SIPPA be the place for people and organizations interested in the Performing Arts in Southwest Idaho to come together to create, support, develop and execute all facets of the performing arts to their maximum potential.

SIPAA Mission

To create an active group of as many people as possible who are interested in the performing arts to join together as supporters, participants, and attendees to become Members of SIPPA.

SIPAA Purpose

The Purpose of the Southwest Idaho Performing Arts Assn. (SIPAA) is “Creating Performing Arts Opportunities”© in Southwest Idaho* directly and indirectly by supporting individuals and organizations contributing the best and most to further awareness, education, appreciation of and participation in the Performing Arts.** SIPAA is an Idaho unincorporated 501 (c) (3) IRS qualified non-profit association, so donations are deductible for US tax purposes. Donations should be sent to SIPAA at 5639 N. Star Ridge Way, Star, ID 83669. SIPAA Executive Director Donn Wilson may be reached at 208-991-6793 or [email protected]

*(What’s typically referred to as the Treasure, Magic and Long Valley areas, from the Oregon border due East to McCall, Southeast to Sun Valley and Bellevue, and due South to the Nevada border, covering over half of the Idaho population.)

**(Performing Arts including all types of performers and performances, including but not limited to, plays, musicals, bands, singers, comedians, ventriloquists, storytellers, etc., etc., etc.)